A post-chemo post

Posted Dec 20, 2014 9:24pm

Five days post chemo and hanging in there. I feel pretty lucky, actually; from the pamphlet of possible side effects, I’ve had a few. I’ve been told by my doctor and nurses and other chemo patients that you generally have a pattern after chemo and you know which days you feel nauseous, or tired, or whatever. Well, my side effects have been kind of different every time. After my first treatment, I had all those fevers. After the second treatment, I had some awful pains. This time around, I felt nauseous for the first couple days, but I took my anti-nausea meds right away and never felt more than a little yucky. But of course, the anti-nausea meds cause constipation. So then there was a bit of that. I’ve also had some mild bloody nose action and some aches. But the biggest “symptom” has definitely been fatigue. I get worn out pretty quickly. But that’s why people are here to help. And for that I am so very grateful!

I continue to be humbled by the kindness of my friends and family. Talk about the true meaning of Christmas; apparently a visit from cancer really brings it out. Words cannot even describe how much I appreciate everything. Even just people stopping by for a quick visit, or sending an encouraging note. My friend Christina even gave me a manicure 🙂

Alexander met Santa Claus! He didn’t much care, though, but the picture turned out nice! We also went to a breakfast with Santa this morning, and Xander loved watching all the people, especially kids. And, we celebrated Tim’s birthday today; the baby loved the candles on the cake. I am looking forward to Christmas celebrations with Tim’s and my families this week! We will be spending a few days in Trevorton and Xander will have his first sleepover at Mommom’s house..

My wish for Christmas this year, besides a small miracle, is to feel the magic and appreciate every moment. I hope everyone I know does the same!

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