All Smiles

Posted Dec 6, 2014 4:53pm

Today is such a good day. I just can’t stop smiling. I am so very blessed to have such wonderful wonderful people in my life. Like, I am probably the luckiest person in the world.

Today some dear friends came to help decorate for Christmas – thank you Tiffany, Kayla, Nicole, Andrew, Tricia, Jaylene, and Joan. Jaylene and Joan even brought the tree, which was donated by Joanne Snyder and her family’s tree farm (Jeremy did a great job cutting it down!). My house looks wonderful; magical, even. And Alexander loves all the lights!

Great friends Sarah and Steli hung out last night and we had a sleep-over! So nice to just sit and chat and drink tea until late (late for me, anyway).

And my sister Christi was here for a few days and made me laugh until it hurt. Like, really, truly hurt. But I didn’t care because it was so fun to just have a good old belly laugh.

I just feel happy. And grateful. And loved. And thankful. Blessed. Relaxed. Empowered. Stronger. A little tired. But better; I feel better. And I hope to keep feeling better and better and better, physically, mentally, and emotionally. And my dear, wonderful friends and family are helping me do just that.

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