August already?

Posted Aug 1, 2015 10:35pm

We are back from Hawaii! It was wonderful. And rejuvenating. Alexander was pretty great and loved the sand. Auntie Paula and Uncle Robert were wonderful hosts as usual and even stayed with Alexander a few times so Tim and I could have some adventures. Like ziplining! And snorkeling! And celebrating our 5th anniversary at fancy restaurants! Also, the food trucks in Hawaii are amazing. I was worried because I have been trying so hard to eat more alkaline foods and limit my sugars, but here’s an example of a food truck meal: seared ahi over pesto quinoa with a nice salad. From a food truck? On the side of the road? Sweet! Healthy and yummy. And not even expensive. I definitely did not want to come back to reality.

But reality, here we are. I had my radiation treatment yesterday. No problems, really. A little achy and maybe tired today, but I still went to yoga this morning and we had a BBQ at our house tonight. So not bad. And let me tell you, the actually radiation treatment had me giggling. GIGGLING. Right before the treatment, they took me to a room with computer screens and gadgets and such and explained the process. Then the technician asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to. I said, “Surprise me. Anything but country.” So she picked disco pop. DISCO. Tee-hee. It gets better; there are flashing lights in the ceiling of the radiation room, and the machines circle around your body, so it was like a rave. I wanted to bop my head like Night at the Roxbury, but you aren’t allowed to move.

Monday I meet with my doctor and have blood work and what-not. I keep praying that the cancer numbers continue to go down. They aren’t dropping astronomically like when I first started treatment, but still on a downward trend. Do your thing, chemo pills.

I recently read an interesting article about time, and how it seems to pass more quickly as we get older. The concept was that as we age, a year (or a week, or whatever) becomes a smaller and smaller fraction of our total life. For example, at age one, a week is roughly 1/50th of your life. At age 50 a YEAR is 1/50th of your life. So, to a newbie like Alexander, a week feels like the same amount of time as a YEAR does when you are 50. Crazy. But it makes sense. Point being, I can’t believe it is August already. I was saying to my mom today how I don’t want the fall (or winter, especially) to come, because last fall was such a mess. And this summer, I have felt pretty great, so I don’t want summer to end. So maybe I’ll just go back to Hawaii??

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