Back to Reality

Posted May 6, 2017 10:01am

Well, Spain has come and gone, and it was wonderful. The perfect mix of seeing friends, touring beautiful cities, eating yummy food, and spending time with Tim. We have been home for a week now, and what a week. Last weekend, Tim had off, so we got to spend a couple of days together the three of us. Sunday night, I said to Tim, “This was a great weekend!” and he said, “Yeah, it was really relaxing.” HAHAHAHAHA he’s so funny. Between laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, getting work stuff ready for the week, and actually spending real time with Alexander (and Tim), I was exhausted. At least some people got to take naps (Xander. Tim.) No rest for the weary here. Then Tim disappeared for three days (crappy work schedule) and Maria got to be single parent (as tends to happen when a spouse is a cop) and then I had chemo on Thursday.
Which made me sick. This whole time, I have never been “sick”. Well surprise surprise, this week it hits me. Granted, it’s a new(ish) treatment, quite the increase of chemo, but I wasn’t expecting this. I ate lunch at the hospital on Thursday, fine. Started to feel a bit crappy before going home. Came home, laid down for a while, tried to eat, threw up. I got a few sips of water in me yesterday morning, and about two bites of oatmeal, then threw up again. Gross. Finally yesterday around dinner time I could eat and drink a little. And I ate a complete breakfast this morning, including my green juice. Phew. So the bad part’s over, I hope.
Needless to say, I already have some IV fluids scheduled for Monday, just in case.
Welcome home, guys! Hope you rested it up in Spain! Which we did. It was fabulous, really, it was. But reality. Keepin’ us in check.

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