Bubbles and Bufandas

This is my first actual “live” post on  bubblesandbufandas.com.  Why bubbles and bufandas?  If you know me, you already know.  And if you’re not sure, I bet there are little hints here and there throughout my previous posts that may clue you in.  But for now, I’ll leave a little bit of mystery there for ya.

Reading my old blog posts again was interesting.  I tried to do this about a year ago, but I couldn’t handle it.  I just could not do it.  I re-read things and couldn’t handle feeling those feelings again.  But now?  I can do it.  I did do it.

Maybe I have to thank my therapist Karen for this.  Maybe I have First Descents to thank.  Maybe it is just time.

I do wish I could move everyone’s comments over here, because they were so encouraging, uplifting, prayerful, and funny.  Just plain funny.

So, without further ado, I present to you bubblesandbufandas.com.  I hope that through this blog you can stay updated on all my medical garbage so when we hang out in real life we can talk about non-cancer things.  I hope that maybe it can bring you some information.  Recipes, book suggestions, resources – you know, stuff like that.  And maybe this blog can bring you some joy; everyone could use a little extra joy.

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  1. I saw you at work a few days ago but I was on the phone and couldn’t jump out of my car fast enough! I do hope all is well!


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