Cancer doesn’t exclude you from taxes.

Posted Feb 25, 2017 12:56pm

I am just finishing up my second round of a higher chemo dose. Disconnect in T minus one hour! Blood work after the first round was great! Red blood cells, hemogoblins, platelets all normal. White count was high, but that’s from the neulasta shot. So, great! I feel a bit crappier, but whatever.
Cancer markers still the same! (I wish they were completely gone, but stable is acceptable, I suppose.) Maybe this means that the increased dose is doing the job, and we won’t have to change the treatment plan???
Aaaannnddd I ended up getting another biopsy on Wednesday. No radiation at this point, says the radiation doctor (have I talked about that already? I’m losing it), so after some discussion we decided to try to re-biopsy that lymph node.
So get this. I show up for the biopsy on Wednesday, and the doctor comes in and starts talking about biopsying my liver. And I’m like, wait a second…I’m here for the lymph node. And he says he was talking to Dr. Joshi the night before, trying to figure out where to biopsy to get the best information. They apparently decided on the liver, because the lymph node is in a precarious, hard-to-reach place, and there “just might be” some live cancer tissue in the liver that would give us the same information. Really? Because the last time I talked to any doctor and read any report (which I do, all the time), there was no active tissue in the liver. So then this surgeon guy says, “Well, we are going to try with the liver, and if we don’t get anything we will flip you over and try for the lymph node again.” Great idea. Stick gigantic needles into my abdomen AND back. I love that. That’s what I need.
All said and done, they only biopsied the lymph node again. No complications, I’m fine, etc. etc. etc…just hoping they got enough tissue so we know what the heck this cancer is doing.
If they got enough tissue, we can send it for genetic testing, which will help direct our treatment decisions.

In my other, non-cancer-related life…February Sucks party was stupendous, as usual. This year’s theme was “Hipsters and Spinsters”. I just love how everyone participates. The ridiculousness of it all makes my heart happy. Judy Fenucci anyone? And those turkey salad sandwiches….!

Oh yeah, and we booked tickets for Spain. In April. We found flights direct from Philly to Madrid for $471. So that’s happening! Plans including Madrid with friends Laura and Jorge, Valladolid with friend Merche, and Ronda and Granada, just Tim and me. Alexander will be having extended Grandma vacation here in Pennsylvania while Tim and I focus on us for a change.

So despite everything, excitement bubbles abound.

And I just did our taxes.

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