Chemo 2.1

Posted Jan 14, 2016 10:25pm

So here we go again! I did have treatment today, although my doctor decreased the doses of most of the drugs because my platelets are still low. Not as low as last week, but lower than preferred. I have a fantastic, colorful bruise on my arm from blood work last week to prove it!

Trisha and Andi kept me good and distracted. And Alexander was at home with the grandmas, playing with Oliver. Xander went on a sleepover excursion in Trevorton for the next couple days, while I am hooked up to my snack pack. It makes me a little sad (and it’s weird!) not having him here, but I am also feeling relieved – I can get some rest and be ready for when he comes home on Saturday. And I can get some things done around this disaster of a house?? Wowee!

So, with the new “C” drug, they give me a super-dose of preventative Benadryl because some people end up with allergic-reaction-type side effects. I did not have a reaction, but I did feel a little loopy (from the Benadryl!) at the hospital. It made me want to sing Britney Spears. I don’t even like Britney Spears. And I said “no” when they asked if I was taking any narcotics. HA!

I forgot how yucky I feel on the first day or so of the chemo. Not really nauseous. Just yucky. Like I’m “in a fog”, as Tim put it. I’m not sure if it’s mental or physical, but I kinda feel like I’m in slow motion. I took an anti-nausea pill just in case.

Snack pack is only 46 hours instead of 48 like last year. Silver lining? Nah, the silver lining will probably be the cancer peacing out. I pray for that.

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