Chemo 2.2 an 2.3

Posted Feb 11, 2016 1:13pm

I never posted after my treatment two weeks ago. Oops. Either I’m lazy, or busy. Treatments are going fine. I continue to have good, normal energy. Platelets are still low, so dosages are still decreased…maybe that’s why I feel fine? Or maybe because the drug regimen is different? Or maybe because, overall, I am much less “sick”? I don’t know. I do know that my hemogoblins were up to 11.2 today! Woo hoo! People, 11.5 is normal! No wonder I feel good.
So, my doc is sending me to Fox Chase in Philadelphia. Sloan isn’t getting back to us (wtf, Sloan? Are you not the top of the top?) Anyway, my doc at Hershey has connections with Fox Chase, and it sounds like they have some clinical trials going on, so off we go to meet the colon cancer specialist there.
And, next scan is the 1st of March.
Short update, but sweet enough, right?

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