Chemo 2.4….and this roller coaster I call life.

Posted Mar 9, 2016 10:18pm

Chemo 2.4 happened almost 2 weeks ago. In fact, tomorrow is chemo 2.5. I’m feeling fine.

Last week I had a PET scan. My doctor called personally to tell me the results. Insert anxiety bubbles here (as if they weren’t already there). She said the lymph node responded to treatment. Great! But there’s some action around my heart. Ok. The spot around my heart actually lit up in December, too, but doctors said it was likely due to the radiation that I had in my liver last year. They weren’t concerned. But it shouldn’t still be there at this point, she says. Ok. So let’s order you a cardiac MRI to see if it’s cancer, or what. Let’s try to get it done tomorrow.

Tomorrow was last Friday. It wasn’t done that day.

Insert anxiety bubbles again. No, not anxiety bubbles. More like waves. Tidal waves. All weekend.

But then I had an appointment at Fox Chase in Philadelphia, on Monday. Three doctors plus a radiologist looked at my scan, and none of them thought it was cancer. The specialist I met with said that it would be extremely strange, and rare, for that even to happen. He was leaning toward some muscle damage, from radiation, or just because sometimes things light up in PET scans that cannot be explained. In fact, this doctor isn’t even sure that I had “disease progression” in December, because the cancer levels in my blood had been – and are continually – dropping. He basically said I’m doing quite well. Squee!! It was so, so good to hear that. I needed that. Tim needed that. I still have the cardiac MRI scheduled for the end of this month, just to make sure, but Fox Chase has given me some peace for the time being.

The specialist suggested that I continue the treatment that I’m on right now until my cancer marker levels are normal and I have a clean scan. We don’t know how long that could be, so I may end up doing this IV chemo longer than I had hoped. But, I am tolerating this line of chemo WAY better than last year’s. I have energy, my blood levels are pretty good (even platelets were up last week!), etc. So, after all the cancer is down/gone/not showing up, I’d go on some kind of maintenance treatment for 6 months, then at that point try to go off of the chemo.

I’m cool with this plan. So suck it, cancer.

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