Chemo 2.7

Posted Apr 7, 2016 5:13pm

Just got home from chemo 2.7. Which means I’m still hooked up to chemo until Saturday afternoon. I hate hate hate the chemo bag, but I can do it. Maybe with an Ativan? That’s a half-joke! I have been having a little bit of “anticipatory nausea”, aka I can’t stand the smell of the dressing around my port when I am hooked up for these two days. It’s mental, I know. Like, as soon as I am disconnected on Saturdays, I feel like a new woman! Free!! But, a nurse talked me into getting a prescription for a super low dose to try if I want, but I’m not sure I want. I’d rather not put more chemicals in my body, thank you very much. The gallon of poison every two weeks is enough, don’t you think? We will see how these few days go and then I will make an executive decision for the next round.

Cancer numbers have been staying pretty stable for the last couple treatments. Down a few, up a few, but mostly the same. I’d like them to be ZERO, but I can deal with stable. I’m feeling fine: working, playing, cooking, eating, pooping, traveling (to Florida in less than a month!!!!)…

I still have the Urbitux rash, but it’s manageable. I don’t look like a 14-year-old with horrific acne anymore. Thank you, Mary Kay creme-to-powder foundation! But, in other news, I think my hair is thinning out again. We have been increasing the chemo dosages (platelets have been up!!), so my doctor says that is not surprising. Crap, because I kind of like my hair lately. Any beautiful-ticians out there who want to give me a short short pixie cut again? And maybe help me with some other skin issues? Like weird peach-fuzz hair on my face and super-dark nose hairs. Am I menopausal? Ha. Or maybe just vain? Or maybe I just want to look “normal” (fat chance, I know). I realize these are all just surface-side effects, and totally manageable, but I’m serious about the haircut.

So I was originally going to have just (just?!) 8 chemo treatments. Which means (or, meant) that I only have one more. But alas, I shall continue for another two months probably. That sucks. But not really, either, I guess, because the chemo is working and I am handling it well and feeling fine. The side effects womp, but whatevs. I don’t want to wear my wig again. I guess I need some new summer hat options. Anyone have a packable fedora I can borrow? I look better in fedoras than wide-brimmed crazy hats 🙂

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