Chemo 2.8 and a homemade wine cooler.

Posted May 2, 2016 2:47pm

I find that I post more frequently when things happen. Or when I’m inspired. Today I am apparently inspired by my homemade “wine cooler”. So, I’m in Florida enjoying some sand and sun with my mom, Tim’s mom, Alexander, and Rachel and her family. Currently my mom is visiting a friend and everyone else is napping, but I have a hard time staying inside with weather this gorgeous. So, I mixed myself up a wine cooler (3/4 parts la croi passion fruit sparkling water and 1/4 wine), poured it into a pool-friendly plastic bottle, and toddled down to the pool.
This quiet time is nice. Except for the lady who keeps talking on her speaker phone. I really don’t care, but she keeps saying “Saturday” like “Seeterday” and it’s making me crazy. Also she has been laying on a chair at the pool since we got here on Saturday. I sure hope there’s sunscreen involved! Let’s not judge, Maria. Maybe I should give her an American Cancer Society card. Shhh, just drink your wine cooler.
I still hate chemo and my rash sucks and my hair is still falling out and my cancer numbers were stable again. So nothing new there. I’m having a rough time with the “stable numbers” thing. I really need some progress here to keep my mind from straying off. I’m hoping this Florida trip will be healing in many many ways. It really is beautiful here, and tomorrow we go to Disney. Yes.

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