Chemo 2.9

Posted May 12, 2016 5:11pm

Just got back from chemo with the lovely and entertaining Sue Haimovich. I’ll tell you what, these great chemo buddies sure keep me smiling on days that could suck pretty bad (if we let them)!

I have to post because I am feeling pretty elated right now. I checked the cancer markers and they dropped! One of them is 32; “normal” is less than 37. So, when I look online at all my blood work and data, this value is no longer flashing “red” – which means it isn’t too far above or below the “normal” range! And the other cancer marker they check went from 14 to 12! We are getting closer and closer!!!

Seriously, do you guys know how good that feels??

Like, really. I might go run a mile.

Or maybe I’ll just eat a cannoli.

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