Chemo Round II

Posted Dec 1, 2014 1:46pm

My dear friend Mindi is my chemo buddy today! We had time to run to the Hershey Outlets between my appointments this morning, and then to Panera for lunch, so it was like the good old days! Except for the fact that I was rocking my port hook-up everywhere we went. The nurse who hooked me up this morning called it a “pony tail” but I think it’s more like a booby tassel. It sticks out of my shirt, so why not?

So here’s the breakdown of my chemo cocktail (I don’t always remember the names of the drugs, so I might make them up):
1) steroid and anti nausea meds – 15 minutes
2) anti diarrhea meds – not long either, maybe 10 minutes
3) chemo #1, irinotecan – about an hour. Biggest side effect = explosive diarrhea.
4) chemo # 2, oxaliplatin – about an hour. Biggest side effect = sensitivity to cold.
5) leucovorin, a special vitamin that helps the chemo – about 2 hours.
6) 5 FU, which is my 48-hour snack pack. Biggest side effect = constipation.
7) avastin. This stuff blocks the cancer from spreading. Side effect = peripheral numbness and tingling.

Of course, side effects of all the chemos include fatigue, plus a booklet of other fantastic possibilities. Last round, I definitely had the cold sensitivity and some mouth tingliness from the oxaliplatin. Let’s pray that I don’t have too many other issues this time! I am already having hot flashes from the steroid; maybe I should sleep in the bathtub tonight!

***edit: So, Tim measured my liver belly before my first treatment and again this morning…I lost 2 1/2 inches in 2 weeks. That means smaller tumors. It has to!

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