Chemo Round III

Posted Dec 15, 2014 10:57am

So I buckled and google-searched my cancer the other night. Don’t do it. Don’t google-search anything medical. Especially not my cancer. I already know this is serious business, and I google-searched anyway. Bad bad bad idea. I could hardly sleep that night and sent myself into a mini-downward mental/emotional spiral.

And then I pulled myself together a little bit, and gave myself a pep talk. Like, I am not your typical patient. Take that as a joke, if you will, but seriously. I am way younger and healthier than most people who have my diagnosis. I’m ornery and determined. And I have my awesome army of peeps who be pray-sayin’ and keeping my spirits lifted. Oh, and I have been feeling better and eating better and sleeping better, so things have to be happening.

At my doctor’s appointment this morning, all my blood counts were good (yay)! Tumor marker counts are down (yay)! And liver enzymes are down (yay)! Some things were, like, half of what the original counts were (I don’t remember exactly what). But we all knew this would be the case, right? I mentioned this as an “edit” in another post, but I will recount: Tim has been measuring my liver belly before each treatment. Between treatment one and two, I lost 2 1/2 inches of distended belly. Since treatment two, I lost another 2 inches. That is 4 1/2 inches lost in 4 weeks. I should start a diet/fitness program: “Lose an inch per week…just start chemo!!” But for realsies, how cool is it that we have a visual of the tumors shrinking?

Doc also said that if I continue to respond well to treatments and handle them well (because this chemo cocktail I have is apparently pretty extreme), she may stretch them from 4 months to 6 months. Awesome; get this crap out of my body, stat. I pray that by the time I have scans in January, the tumors are nonexistent. This is a high expectation, but I have today’s treatment plus one more before then; you just never know. Prayers work. I want to astonish these doctors. Like, blow them out of the water. Tumors? What tumors? It’s Christmastime. Let the magic happen.

Now, back to bothering Emily, my chemo buddy of the day, while she tries to get work done 🙂

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