Chemo Round IV

Posted Dec 29, 2014 5:45pm

Late chemo today! They couldn’t get me in earlier, so I won’t be done here until 8 or 9. That kind of sucks, but the worst is that I am hooked up until 8 or 9 on Wednesday. Wednesday is NYE. Boo. I feel bad for the nurse who needs to come unhook the chemo at 8pm on NYE.

Tim and I are playing some mad games of Othello here in the chemo room today. Also, had a nice visit from Meghan and Kiera! Other than that, uneventful. I did somehow get chocolate all over my blanket.

In other news! Measured the belly again this morning and lost another 1.5 inches. Take that, stupid cancer! That is 6 inches total since November 13th. Move over, Tony Horton! Measuring the belly was such a good idea (Tim’s, of course) because it helps me see the progress and empowers me. For example, last night I was not looking forward to today. But today, I am like, “Die, cancer, die!” Well, every day I am thinking, “Die, cancer, die”, but today I am marching around and chanting it and singing it to Alexander. And fist-pumping, even. I think the cancer hears all the commotion and gets scared. It should.

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