Chemo Round IX…

Posted Mar 16, 2015 10:32pm

…and hanging in there. Today was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Good news and disappointing news. On a good note (and one for which I need to be thankful) is my PET scan was as good as we thought. A pet scan shows cancerous activity by lighting up the cancer areas. So there is still a spot in my liver that is lighting up, and a tiny millimeter of a spot in the lungs. The colon tumor isn’t even showing up! So, talking with my doc today, she was really pleased and clearly hopeful; she had a surgeon look at my scans and talk to us today.
The surgeon (a liver specialist) came to discuss possible surgery, like a liver resection. Did you know that they can take 70% of your liver and it will regenerate and work? But here’s what is disappointing. He said because of all the tumors in my liver (even though it’s mostly dead cancer cells), surgery is not going to happen. Ever. Not enough good liver tissue to work with. Which blows my mind, because I have never been jaundiced or anything. Nothing!
Now, there are other treatment options, and I am continuing the chemo (which is working) for another two months. We can always seek another doctor’s opinion, and who knows if the scans will change. But I can’t help but feel disappointed. I really just want the cancer out. Gone. I want to be done with this little roadblock and get back to normal.
So let’s pray for a better-looking liver. A sexy one, even.

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