Chemo Round V

Posted Jan 12, 2015 10:34am

Fifth chemo treatment. Tim was able to bring me so he could be at the doc appointment earlier, but has to leave to go to court. Janine is going to pick me up after work and we are going to see Emily, who had her baby here this morning! I was going to visit Em earlier here today, but I’m not allowed to leave with my dancing partner. Bummer. But whatev, I am excited to see her and baby Camden anyway!

Anyway, so I am here by myself today. I’ll be taking visitors.

Reviewed scan results with my doctor this morning. Tumors in my lungs have disappeared and/or are too small to see. Tumors in the liver have decreased in size, but are still there. Doc said she can see separation between the tumors now; apparently they used to look like one gigantic blob. Also, lost another 1/4-1/2 inch around the belly. It is pretty darn close to normal (although it is hard to know what “normal” is because I’m sure my abdomen changed after having Alexander). The CT scan doesn’t show the colon tumor well, but my bowels are looking good. That’s right. Sexy bowels. And cancer markers in my blood keep going down!

So, in a nutshell, the chemo cocktail is working. And so are the prayers 🙂

What’s next? Another two months of the same treatment, then another CT scan and probably a PET scan (yuck…hate those), and we will go from there. There is a possibility of getting an extra two months of this same (or similar) chemo treatment, as long as it is still working and I feel ok; or, there is a maintenance “chemo pill”. So I guess we will figure all that out when the time comes.

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