Chemo Round VIII

Posted Mar 2, 2015 2:25pm

Eight chemos so far??? EIGHT?? I can’t even believe it has been that many. Technically, this is the last chemo that was originally prescribed. So that’s kind of an accomplishment, right? Now, my doc has already prescribed four more treatments because things have been working, so another two months of this….unless my PET scan on Thursday directs us differently. And then….?? Not sure. It’s kind of a waiting game. Can I have surgery? When? Will I be on a chemo pill? Then what?

I was checking out my blood levels online as I sit here. My hemogoblins (as I’ve decided to call hemoglobin) went up a whole point since last round. No wonder I have had more energy! Yay! Keep up the good work, goblins of Hemo. But my brain is apparently a little off. Christi just kicked my butt playing Bulls and Cows. I had such a hard time strategizing. I’m broken lol. Add it to the list.

Still having the PET SCSI on Thursday. Still dreading it. But maybe things will be better this time!

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