Chemo Round X

Posted Apr 10, 2015 5:06pm

Monday was my tenth chemo treatment. I haven’t written because I forgot my iPad that day, and I have been tired. I figure it’s better to use my energy for things that need to get done around this house.
I played 20 questions with my doc on Monday. She had some good answers. Regarding my liver, it does seem as though there is too much damaged tissue to remove the bad stuff, even if the bad stuff is dead cells or scar tissue. My doctor said they like to remove all the yucky, because sometimes there are a few live cancer cells stuck in all of it. That makes sense. There are some different liver treatments they can do down the road, but we are talking like when I have been 5 years cancer free. And then there is the argument, “well, Maria has been fine for five years….do we even mess with the liver?” And that makes sense to me, too. I am going to see the butt doctors about the colon, though; not sure about surgery there or not.
Regarding the cancer markers that they keep checking – they continue to decrease. That is good! It gives me a huge sense of relief every time I check those numbers. But at the same point, I really have to work myself up to check them. Sometimes I can’t help but be scared that something stopped working. But so far, so good. Amen.
I have been tired. Ok, but tired. If I still feel really run down on Monday, I have to call the doc and they may give me a transfusion. So far, no mouth sores this time around, although my mouth does feel a little raw. Not bad.
I have had some visitors this week, and have been able to get out a little bit to see people. This makes me happy.

Also, call me crazy, but I just discovered the plethora of emoticons this iPad has. There is a wild boar, for goodness sake. The word for wild boar in Spanish is “jabali”…accent on the “i”.

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