Chemo Round XI

Posted Apr 20, 2015 12:07pm

So, this round of the hefty chemo and then one more. I can do it. Tim has been giving me some nice motivational dances to help me through. They really are quite encouraging.

Not too many changes or different news. After these hefty treatments, I am probably going to be on maintenance chemo, which will likely be a pill and one short infusion of Avastin once every three weeks. I should have fewer side effects on the pill, and more energy. I hope and pray. Because Alexander is going to be on the move soon, and I need to keep up! I still have a consult with the colorectal surgeons on Wednesday, but will likely not have surgery unless there is something really wrong, like bleeding from the tumor site. So, probably no surgery because of my screwed-up liver. Stupid liver. Ideal situation would be to cut out the bad stuff in the liver as well as the bad stuff in the colon (or at least the spot where the tumor is/was). But because my liver lacks the proper amount of good tissue, it doesn’t make sense to open me up to do the colon. That’s what I understand, anyway. I will ask more questions on Wednesday when we talk to the surgeons.

I actually have had a few really good days this week, and my energy level hasn’t been horrendous. That’s because my hemogoblins were back up to 9! I’ll tell you what, I wonder what it’s like to have normal goblins. I would be soooooo energetic!! Eek. Can you imagine?

I’m kinda sick of talking about and thinking about cancer. I wonder if I will ever wake up without thinking of it in the first 5 minutes. Or go to bed without it on my mind. During the day I am much better, especially when I have things to do or make myself go do things. The other day I realized that I had forgotten about the cancer for an hour, maybe. And that was cool. I hope that keeps happening.

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