Chemo Round XII

Posted May 4, 2015 9:35am

Boo yah! Last big chemo! And Tim and my buddy Tom are both here to keep me entertained. And that they will, I’m sure. I’m hoping this last treatment goes as smoothly as number 11. I have been feeling good. Really good! Close to normal! So I pray that it continues!

So I have been thinking. Cancer is a weird thing. I’ve heard people say, and I’ve read that cancer is a gift. Well, I’m going to disagree. Never ever ever would I go to someone’s birthday party and say, “Look, I’m giving you cancer! Happy day to you!” Or, after someone has a new baby, “Congratulaions on your new addition! Here, have some cancer!” No.

But cancer does act as a catalyst, maybe. It makes you appreciate things that you would typically overlook. It forces you to find joy, because the alternative (crying in a corner) does nothing to help.

So, I am going to ring the bell today, to signify that my big chemos are done. And I am going to find joy in it.

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