Every Little Cell in My Body is Well

Posted Dec 9, 2014 9:32pm

I feel a little bipolar sometimes when I write these posts. The last one I wrote was so positive because I felt good that day…and then I had some days that were just ok. I am having some pain, especially across my shoulders, that is sometimes so bad I can’t lay down to sleep. Had to take some stronger meds a couple of nights to dull the pain enough so I could rest. But even though the aches and pains are bothersome, I have been able to continue with normality, for the most part.

I have been looking for ways to help me continue to feel “well”, even, and especially, as I continue treatments. I have been taking the time to really take care of myself – taking baths, juicing (I’m sure I will write another post on this!), and today I had a massage. I also plan to contact an acupuncturist to see if that will help with some of the aches and pains. If I am feeling good, then I can be a better mommy and wife and friend and daughter and speech therapist.

So that’s my plan: to stay well while I am “sick”.

Like my buddy Sarah says: “Every little cell in my body is happy; every little cell in my body is well.”

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