Posted Jun 17, 2017 11:02am

One of my biggest struggles with cancer and chemo has been exercising like I used to. I just don’t have the energy I once did, nor the time. I try my best to move – yoga and walking have been my jam. But I miss running, climbing, working up a sweat. And then I see Tim doing all these things, and preparing for his races, etc. etc. etc. and I really have a hard time. I mean, I’m happy that he is being healthy and exercising. And I’m proud of him for completing these races. But I’m also ticked off, and jealous, because I can’t do it too. Even if I did have the energy – when the heck would I work out? How do you moms do it? I only have one child, and he is on top of me all. the. time. Exercising with him around is kind of a joke. Picture me, on the treadmill, with Xander putting toys on the belt as I am trying to walk. Does he do these things to Tim? Nope. Just the mama. I try to do yoga at home. With Alexander climbing on me. I even get him his own mat, but nope.
Anyway, I decided enough is enough. How can I be active in a new way?
So, I joined a study at Hershey. There is a doctor/nurse team studying exercise and chemo patients, and I decided to be part of it. I meet with the nurse every time I have chemo, she designs an exercise plan for me, and I have to do her plan twice a week at home. I get all equipment for free. The only thing I have to do is fill out a survey. I’m on the study for 6 months!
Also, I signed up to do a week-long excursion with an organization called First Descents. This is a program for young people with cancer – ages 18-39. Everything is paid for – the excursions, food, lodging. I just need to pay for the flight. So, unless something crazy happens, I will be going to Colorado in August, to go rock-climbing! I have to leave my sweet boys for week, so that is hard. But I’m pretty excited to not have to cook for a week, and to meet people going through this crap who have the same mindset as me. And, of course, I’m excited to try climbing again. To gain a little bit of confidence. To remind myself that I still CAN do these things.
So, despite being on chemo, my mind is in a good place this time around. I have lots of things to look forward to and to plan. Also, I started a new anti-nausea med that seems to be doing the trick. I don’t feel good, but I’m not puking or dry-heaving and I have been able to eat this whole time. So that’s good, too. Baby steps, right?
Or big steps. Exercising steps!

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