First Post of a New Year

Posted Jan 9, 2015 10:39am

Whoa-ho-ho! I haven’t “blogged” since last year! Guess that means that my weeks haven’t been too crazy. On New Year’s Eve a nurse came to disconnect my port. I made her do a toast with us (to health! For everyone!) and she said we were her new favorite house. I told her not to make a habit of coming to our house, no offense, because I am going to get rid of this cancer and the chemo that tags along.

I’ve had the same side effects this time: mild nausea, some mild constipation, nose bleeds, a bit achy at times, cold sensitivity, and finger tingles. Not all at once, and not every day. And of course fatigue, but that gets better as the days go by after treatment.

I’ve been able to get out a bunch of times, and we have had lots of visitors. These things make me happy!

So, I had my first CT scan this morning, since treatment started. I will meet with my doc on Monday to go over results (of the scan and blood work, probably), right before chemo. I’m excited and scared, but there HAS to be stuff happening, because I feel ok, and I look ok, and my belly is almost normal. So I am hopeful, and will enjoy this weekend.

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