Genetic Testing

Posted Dec 4, 2014 1:45pm

So, we got some results back from the genetic testing completed on my cancerous tissue. It indicated that the tumors do have some genetic mutations, which they expect from tumors themselves (because cancer is pretty much a mutation). BUT, the tumors do not have some specific genetic indicators (we will call them X, Y, and Z). People who DO have these XYZ markers tend to not respond to treatment as well. But I do NOT have them – so that means I should respond better. This is good!

Had an appointment today with the genetic counselor. We discussed my family tree and any cancer history among family members. The counselor said nothing stood out for me to be getting screened earlier, or anything like that, so it’s not like I “missed the boat” on anything that I should have been doing. Today I had some blood drawn, and they are going to do a complete analysis of cancer/genetic markers to see if there is anything else that can be done in terms of treatment. Also, to help my family take precautions and get screened as needed. Alexander will have to start getting colonoscopies around age 20 – poor kid. And my sisters should get them now.

Also, this is post-chemo day 3. I have been achy and tired, but no fevers so far! Having some other side-effects, but nothing new and nothing unmanageable. The aches and pains suck, but I just have to think that it is the chemo killing the cancer. I can deal with some pain for a few days if it is what is getting rid of all the yuck inside. And I have drugs if I absolutely need them 🙂

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