More chemo but no more numbers.

Posted Sep 8, 2016 9:37pm

Hi! I decided it was time for a post. I decided this because I feel like I just wrote a fun email to a friend. To some friends. And I liked it. Here’s the email:


So, turmeric is great for inflammation, and you know we all have a little bit of that. Im’a call it Flamma (said with Strongbad voice, because he always comes out a little when I think of you).

Saw this recipe and I want to try it. It can be made with ghee. I want to do a coconut milk version. And that oil they are recommending? Whatever. I found a similar recipe that uses coconut oil.

Good fats. Turmeric. Cinnamon. Love.

Also, I guess all of you lovely ladies get this email because I thought Jess would be interested too, and then gmail suggested you all. Bam.

I had chemo today and all the little cells in my body are well.


Indeed, more chemo. But less-ish. I went to Fox Chase last week hoping for the doc there to tell me that I was good to go and could do some maintenance treatment and that would be the best and most wonderful decision for me and then all the cancer would be gone and life would be normal again for many many years and cancer would never come back, nor would anyone else get cancer, and if they did there was a magical oil just found from some tree in Asia that kills all cancer cells without affecting your good cells and now the American Cancer Society would have to find a new purpose!

But that’s not what he said. What he said was, in a nutshell: “So, your scans have been good and everything is stable. This is good. But that darn CEA tumor marker is still elevated, so you really shouldn’t change your treatment. 1) It is working. 2) You are doing well. 3) You can totally try some kind of maintenance but the tumor will probably come back. 4) There are totally tons of options if the tumor does come back.”

To make a long story short, there are a couple of ways I can go about continuing this treatment. I decided to stay with the exact same cocktail, just with a bit of a decrease in meds to help some of the side effects go away. Or get a little better at least. So I had chemo today and I’m hooked up to the snack pack, 60% dose instead of 75%. It still takes the same amount of time (Why is that?).

I also have been bombarded with information regarding alternative treatments. I have looked into alternatives from the get-go, and have altered my diet, and I have totally tried to incorporate more “wellness activities” in my life, but I haven’t really tried any weird elixirs or magical powders (other than turmeric?) or bathed myself in coconut oil and condor feathers or anything like that.

Look up And mistletoe therapy. Let me know what you think, especially if you are the skeptical or analytical type. (Or the prayerful, hopeful type!)

I don’t want to be pulling at straws, or have “false hope”, or whatever you want to call it. But something feels good about this. And if I have learned anything in my life, a big lesson is “trust your gut.” There’s just something about “coincidence” and intuition that always seems to guide me to make good decisions for myself during challenging times in my life. Maybe it’s God.

I have spoken with and they are willing to offer me a little bit of financial help that would go toward seeing a nutritionist or getting the mistletoe treatment itself. So that’s nice, too. I need to call them again, because I have about 59 questions. And Tim has some, too (my skeptical partner in crime).

And I had a wonderful time visiting with Tim’s family this weekend. Grammies and Kathy came from California for a visit!!! I gained at least 2 pounds!!

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