Never a dull moment.

Posted Oct 16, 2016 10:14pm

Well. Just when I thought chemo was old hat.

Thursday was interesting. For about two months, I have been having these weird cramps in the left side of my chest, just under by boob. I mentioned it to my doc in August, just because it was weird and different. The cramps are sporadic, and fleeting, lasting about 10 seconds. She wasn’t worried, because I had just had a PET scan, and a breast MRI, etc. But I continue to have these weirdo cramps. And, they don’t seem to be related to anything I do. In fact, I seem to get them when I am at rest.

I mentioned that I still had these pains at my appointment on Thursday, and kind of just asked for an EKG. My doc sent the EKG lady to my treatment room to do the test which was nice. What was not nice was when my doctor came to my room saying the EKG was abnormal.

I had finished all of my treatment except for the 5FU (which is the snack-pack chemo bag that comes home with me); doc decided NOT to hook me up to it, but instead sent me to the ER.

My EKG showed an inverted T wave (whatever that means), which was different than when I had one two years ago. Because of that and my reports of “pain”, a battery of tests ensued. Blood work – fine. No indications of heart attack, so that’s good. Chest CT – fine. No blood clots in my lungs. Ok. EKG – still abnormal. So, they kept me for “observation” over night.
Friday morning, I had an echocardiogram – that came back normal, too.

They sent me home. None of the doctors I spoke to had a good explanation of my “symptoms”. At first, they thought maybe my pains and the EKG were due to the 5FU, which can sometimes cause spasms in the heart, but I wasn’t given that particular chemo this week, and I had the cramps twice on Thursday. So that’s probably not the issue. Then a cardiologist mentioned that sometimes the heart can be damaged by a stressful situation, like a sudden death (or maybe cancer-induced stress??); in this case, the heart does heal on its own. But, the echo showed that this wasn’t the problem, either.

So, nothing wrong, which is gooooood, right? But then, what the heck?? They don’t even want me to follow up. Ok. Sure. I’m still going to totally ask for another EKG at my next appointment, because, well. My heart. You know?

Tim tells me I worry too much. Ha. Ha.

I wonder if it isn’t stress. Or reflux?

Oh, I also had a near-chemo-spill on Thursday, so that was exciting. My IV tubing somehow detached and I had fluid dripping all into my bag and on the bed. Most of it was a flush (saline), but possibly contained some chemo, so we had to do an emergency clean-up in the middle of my treatment.

Like I said, never a dull moment.

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