November 13, 2014

Today marks the start of chemo. In fact, I am typing this while sitting in my “chemo chair” at Hershey, hooked up to my “dancing partner” (the IV stand). I had my Mediport placed on Friday – it is under my skin on the right side of my chest below my collar bone. All medicine/chemo goes through this port rather than me having to get stuck with a ton of needles and IVs in my arms. The chemo treatment I am getting is specific to stage IV colon cancer, although my doctor has decided to give me a kind of alternative cocktail of drugs that slightly differs from the standard treatment. I trust her and like her a lot, so here we go. So far, so good, but I have like another 6 hours of drugs to go, and then I get to go home with a handy chemo snack-pack for 48 hours (a chemo pump, kind of like an insulin pump). Good thing I got my hair chopped, because no showers as long as I have the snack-pack attached. Why must I have high-maintenance hair?
Tim is here with me today, but he is currently running errands in other parts of the hospital – have to keep the guy busy. He can’t sit still, and the chair for him looks about as comfortable as a folding chair at a school concert.
So how’s that for an update/post? I’m trying.

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