November 17, 2014

I’m not as miserable today. I even ate breakfast AND lunch. I am grateful for that!
And I am so so so grateful for all of my friends and family, my work community, the whole town of Trevorton, and the list goes on. I am truly humbled by all the effort and generosity and kindness that is being put forth from all my walks of life. What would I do without all this support? How do people do it when they don’t have families and friends and communities of loved ones?
On Saturday, the teachers from my mom’s school (Line Mountain) and pretty much the rest of Trevorton had a soup and bake sale at Angie’s market (where I worked for several years). They raised so much, I can’t even fathom it. People are kind and wonderful. And I don’t have the words to even show my appreciation. But please, just know how much I appreciate what everyone is doing, including, of course, your prayers and kind notes. They really lift me up.
Thank you for being my army!

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