November 19, 2014

Posted Nov 19, 2014 7:49am

Hey, today marks my official sick leave from work! Good thing, because it doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere soon. Where are my ruby slippers? Should have brought them and some more underwear.
We still don’t know the cause of my fevers. Could be an infection (for which they are treating me, just in case), “cancer fevers” (e.g. You have cancer, so here’s a fever!), or a reaction to chemo. So far all cultures and tests are coming back negative, but my nurse said they got orders to take more blood. Because I have so much to share.
I want there to be a definitive answer/reason/cause, but it doesn’t look like there will be. Also, I want breakfast!
They moved me to a different room last night, so now I get to see the sun rise instead of the sun set. I’m on the cancer floor now, and the secretaries gave me real coffee this morning (the hospital coffee is just awful…awful). So I am sitting here enjoying some quiet moments with my coffee and the sun shining into my room.

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