November 22, 2014

Yesterday and today have been good days! I have had some low-grade fevers, but nothing to call the doctor about and Ibuprofen takes the edge off. On the way home from the hospital on Thursday, my oncologist called me to discuss a “fever plan” in case higher fevers do crop up. If they are low-grade (I have been living around 99.0-99.2), no need to call. If they are higher than 100.4, I need to call but may not need to go to the ER. If I do go to the ER, they would probably just check my blood levels and take some cultures and send me back home UNLESS my white blood cell count is low. So that is a plan at least! And will hopefully keep me out of the hospital unless it is necessary.
By the way, my oncologist is awesome. She was on her way to see me at the hospital, but I had just been discharged. So she called. Just to check in and answer all my questions. I can tell she is fighting with me and for me through all of this, and that makes me feel so hopeful.
I have been feeling good enough to do some normal things! Yesterday Tim and I went to see a movie (the Hunger Games)! Today I went to the grocery store and ran some other errands. And I have been able to take care of and play with Alexander. This is good. And in the midst of it all, my appetite has been better. That means there is more room in my stomach for food, which means there is less liver pushing on my stomach, which must mean the tumors are shrinking already. How great of a feeling is that?!?

And for everyone who has been asking – when I am in the hospital, it is Hershey unless I specify. I’m getting all my treatments there and everything, so it just makes sense.

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