Posted Feb 25, 2015 4:39pm

When you have colon cancer, you talk about poop. All the time. It’s an easy use of the “cancer card”; nobody judges at this point! (Plus I have never been afraid to talk about poop. Just travel abroad a few times, and it gets crazy easy.)

I have been having some bloody poop issues, so my doctor is taking some precautions. One of the drugs I am on (Avastin) can cause bleeding and messes with blood vessels in general. This particular drug helps to stop cancer from spreading. Apparently it is a kick-ass drug in the arena of cancer-fighters, but side effects can be nasty. Besides the bleeding issues, it can cause numbness and tingling in the extremities that can be permanent. Sooooo, doc has taken me off this drug, at least for the time being. I didn’t get it during my last chemo sesh, and I won’t get it on Monday, either. And, if my poop issue continues or gets worse, chemo might be pushed back a week (again). And I’m not allowed to eat beets for awhile. I have been juicing beets, so it was really hard to tell apart the blood from the beet poop. Yes, I just went there.

High-five, though, because I had no blood when I pooped today!

Also, my PET scan has been moved up to next week. Thursday, to be exact. NO, NOT THE DREADED PET SCAN!!! For PET scans, you have to go NO CARB NO SUGAR for 3 days. Not even good carbs. Not even fruit. The last time I had a PET scan, I was so run-down, I had to squat to catch my breath when walking down the hallway at the hospital. Every 20 feet or so. No joke. Granted, by blood levels were super low also, and I was pretty sick regardless at the time, so I HOPE this time is better. But I have prepped everyone around me that they may have to deal with a sick, exhausted, grump-ass Maria for the week. Chemo + PET scan = sucks.

On a good note, the PET scan will help us figure out what steps will come next with my treatment. If I have chemo on Monday, it is technically my “last chemo” of this regimen; however, doc has me scheduled to do another 4 treatments after, since I have been responding well. That may change based on the PET scan, but that is the plan right now.

Poop is a palindrome, also.

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