Quinoa Pancakes

Posted Jun 20, 2015 11:30am

I haven’t posted in forever. I know that. And for various reasons. One reason might be that I’m making quinoa pancakes (which I am, right now. They are sizzling in the skillet).
I had my PET scan back in May, and results were good and not-so-good. The good news: the spot that was lighting up in my lungs was gone, as was the spot lighting up in my lower liver. The bad news: there is a new spot lighting up in my upper liver. The more good news: cancer numbers still went down, despite the new spot. And, by the time I had my next appointment after the scan, my doctor already had contacted other specialists at Hershey to see what we can do about that new spot.
Here’s the plan: there is a procedure called “quinoa pancakes” (actually, I have no clue what the procedure is called, but let’s make things fun, shall we?) during which radioactive isotopes are injected directly into the liver where the bad spot is located. Before the quinoa pancake (QP) procedure, I have to have a more different procedure (on Wednesday, actually), during which dye is injected into my bloodstream and then the doctors scan my body to see how the blood flows. This will guide them in locating the exact blood vessel to insert the radioactive isotopes when it is time for the QP procedure. On Wednesday, they will be able to see how much radiation would leak into other organs, like my lungs. If there is too much leakage, I won’t be able to have the QP procedure. So on Wednesday, I have to be mildly sedated while they calculate everything. The whole process is kind of intriguing, actually.
In the meantime, I have started the chemo pill. It’s been a little over two weeks so far, and everything is pretty good. I have maintained my good energy levels, and I don’t feel sick or anything. The only side-effect I have gotten is mouth sores. They aren’t really enjoyable, but if that is the only issue, I will take it! I haven’t looked up my blood test results to see if the cancer numbers are still going down; I’ve decided that ignorance is bliss. I will check before my next appointment (Monday) so I am not clueless, however.
Since my last post, I have taken Alexander swimming a few times, visited with friends, had a yard sale at my mom’s, gone to Lake Tobias, have taken several yoga classes, worked one day a week (more or less), have gone for walks just about every day, have gone to Knoebel’s, and have even gone rock climbing (indoors. and mostly was chasing Xander around, but it still counts, right?). So suck it, cancer.
Also, the quinoa pancakes turned out OK. They are better with blueberries. Tim probably won’t like them; they aren’t really sweet at all. I hate when experimental recipes don’t turn out great. Boooo.

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