Some kind of normalcy

Posted Feb 28, 2015 7:45am

I meant to post last night, but got distracted. Normal!

So yesterday I went back to work! My part-time gig; nothing too crazy! My part time job, if you don’t know, is doing evaluations for children under three. I get to go into their homes and play, basically. It’s fun!! I felt so great doing it; it was like going back to some kind of normalcy. I’m only on the schedule to do evals once every two weeks, on Fridays, on my good, off-chemo weeks. And that’s OK with me. We’ve got to start somewhere!

I have felt really, really good since Tuesday. My energy has been up, Alexander has been sleeping through the night (or almost!), so I have been sleeping, and we’ve been getting out to do things. Yay! It makes me feel so good to….well, to feel good! I haven’t even taken a nap since Monday!

Am I feeling better because I have been sleeping well? Because I have gone back to yoga (twice this week!)? Because it’s an off-chemo week? Because, finally, no one has been sick or recovering from something? Whatever the reason, or combination of reasons, I’m going with it. And thankful for it. And loving it.

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