Trying to stay “well”

Posted Feb 11, 2015 9:25pm

So, I have been doing my best to stay “well”. I put “well” in quotes because most of 2015 has been a series of flu and illness. Yep – this week we are fighting a 24-hour bug. Well, maybe 48 hours. Tim had it on Monday, and Alexander maybe had a touch of it, and now it’s my turn. I started puking last night and have had diarrhea since. Yee-haw.

But besides all that, I have been reading a lot. Here’s what I have learned:
1) Cancer likes sugar. So, cutting out as much sugar as possible is ideal. This makes sense because for PET scans, you have to completely eliminate carbs and sugars for three days prior to the scan. Then they inject you with glucose, and it goes to the cells that want to suck it up quickly – the cancerous ones.
2) Keeping your body alkaline creates an environment in which cancer cannot survive. That means eating more alkaline foods than acidic foods. Acidic foods include meat and animal products (including dairy), white breads and other processed grains, sugary foods, and basically everything delicious. Alkaline foods would include veggies, better grains like quinoa or wild rice, beans and lentils and things like that. So go vegan?
3) There are tons of alternative supplements and things out there that are supposed to help fight cancer, but most of these things go right back to keeping your body more alkaline.

So here’s the tough part. The catch 22, if you will. I have no problem eating more veggies and whole foods. In fact, I love veggies. But my husband doesn’t. And he needs to have meat with every meal. So I cook two meals? Every day? Also, I am still supposed to be limiting fiber because of the colon tumor. What has fiber? Veggies, beans, and the like. Stuff I should be eating. And, what sits well, especially when you are sick?? Mild foods, like white bread or crackers. Things I shouldn’t eat. Ugh.

And the sugar thing….we Americans are so addicted to it! Look at the packaging of anything…there is typically some kind of sweetener in EVERYTHING. I have been trying to do low-sugar snacks, like I make a chocolate avocado pudding that is yummy! But, being sick, I have been drinking Gatorade and eating jello to replenish fluids. Do you know how much sugar is in these things??? It’s disgusting.

I have been juicing or making green smoothies just about every day. It’s the second thing I do every morning (the first thing is usually feeding Xander). I guess that’s a good start. And I have been getting massages and taking baths and have started to go back to yoga. All these things help me feel well. So does spending time with people I love, getting out of the house to run errands, and dancing in the living room. I’m trying!

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