Posted Nov 28, 2016 9:44pm

Underwhelming. That’s what the specialist at Fox Chase said about my scan from a few weeks ago.

He said that, yes, there was some lymph activity going on, but he is not convinced it is “disease progression” because:
1) My cancer markers are stable or lower than they were;
2) There is no activity in my liver (or anywhere else for that matter), which is where he would expect to see something because that is where most of my disease is/was, and that is where there is tons of scar tissue;
4) Even though the biopsy “wasn’t enough tissue”, what they DID get did not show cancer;
3) Lymph nodes do weird things sometimes. (Maybe this time because of the mistletoe. Who knows?)

He also noted that the report made my scan sound bad. Real bad. He said once he saw the actual scan, he did not feel this was the case.

That being said, the lymph activity COULD be cancer; so, here’s the recommendations:
1) Continue FOLFIRI and Erbitux (my current combo)
2) Check cancer markers every two weeks (we already do that)
3) Scan in 2-3 months (we always do that, too)
4) Do scan sooner if cancer markers start to rise
5) Pray that the mistletoe was the culprit (Oh wait. That’s my suggestion.)

This girl is relieved. Phewwwww. After weeks of sitting on pins and needles. I am so happy to have my regular, old treatment this Thursday. Which is a weird thing to even say, because I hate treatment. But today, I love it.

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