Posted Jan 24, 2015 11:01am

Ok, I’m going to whine and complain. So if whiners and complainers annoy you, stop reading now.

The flu napalmed our house. All of us have had it (except the grandmas…with their immune systems of steel). Tim is much better and back to work, but mine has migrated into bronchitis. And poor Alexander still has a cough and diarrhea (although less frequent), and occasional puking.

The doctors keep telling me to go home and rest. Sure. Definitely. With a sick baby. Yes, I will do just that.

Idiots (stated in a Strongbad-like fashion).

Thank God my mom and Liz have been here; I can sleep a little more, but then they are exhausted, too. And sometimes you just need two people to clean up a baby covered in barf and/or poo.

I keep praying that this doesn’t affect the treatment I am supposed to have on Monday. I will meet with my doc and we will look at blood work to determine whatever, I guess. Please, let me (and Alexander) be better by tomorrow!!!

Also, all I want is a milkshake. But the last time I had one, I’m pretty sure it made my mouth raw (stupid cold sensitivity).

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