Yay, I have a virus!

Posted Apr 1, 2015 9:50pm

The messed-up part of the title of this blog is that fact that it is NOT laced with sarcasm. None at all, I swear. The ER called and said one of the tests they did on Sunday came back positive. It was the rhino virus, aka a respiratory virus, aka the common cold. Phew. At least there is a reason I have been dealing with fevers this week. I was beginning to freak out and think that things stopped working or something. So, yay, I have a virus!! Oddly enough, this “cold” did not rear its ugly head in the normal way (like, no coughing or snotty nose or sore throat). Just a nasty sinus headache the other day and some fevers. Weird. Whatev.

On another note, I broke down and bought a wig, and Tim buzzed my crazy left-over hair. Let me tell you, the buzzed hair looks waaaayyy better than the medusa hair I’ve been rocking for the last several weeks. And my husby did a good job. I will post a pic on here. Or at least I will try.

And Alexander looks at me the same way, whether I have on a hat or a wig or just buzzed.

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