You, my dear friends and family, have been so generous over the past 2.75 years.  You have raised funds for me that have paid for co-pays, massages, the chiropractor, organic foods, and holistic treatments that are not covered by our insurance.  You have made meals for my family, have gone grocery shopping for me, you have carted my ass to chemo and appointments, you have stayed with my child.  You have listened to me, you have given me hugs.  I remain grateful beyond words, and often I think of how to repay you.

I finally have an idea.

I want to pay it forward.

My trip to Estes Park, Colorado with First Descents was the best medicine I’ve had in a LONG TIME. And it was free.  Free because someone else donated to this sweet cause so that I could have a break.  Be in nature.  Remember how alive I am.

See this chica?  Alive!

I want to give someone else that chance!  Because I know how important it is to look forward to something, to take a few days off from “chemo life”, to laugh until my insides hurt and I grow some new wrinkles on my face.  Actually, I want to give three people that chance.

That’s my goal.  Pay for three young people who have been affected by cancer, so they can experience what I did two weeks ago.

In addition to helping fellow cancer buddies, I’m also being a little selfish.  If I raise some money for FD, I could have the opportunity to do an international wellness trip with them (specifically, Costa Rica, November 2018).  International trip?  Yes.  Outdoors?  Yes.  Connecting with like-minded canciferous friends? Yes.  People, everything this organization stands for is right up my alley.

In the next several months, I am going to rope a bunch of you in and have a few fundraisers, the proceeds of which will be donated onto this little fundraising page I made:

Maria’s FD Fundraising Extravaganza

You, or someone you know, could donate here, too.  But no pressure.  Because I’m TOTALLY going to invite you to some ridiculous bingo tournament, or to a martini party, or some crazy event.  And you know how epic our parties are!

So get ready, people.  I already have excitement bubbles.



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