For this day, I have prayed.

I mean, I pray for every day.  The first thing I say each morning and the last thing I say at night is, “Thank you for this day.”

But I’m talking about a specific day.  Yesterday.

Alexander started preschool.  I pray ALL THE TIME that I get to see him graduate.  But I also wanted to send him off to school to begin with.  And I did.  (Well, actually, his babysitter Susana did, because I work on Wednesdays.  But I dropped off and picked up today, and I feel like that counts.)

I took the obligatory picture, and asked him questions, and make a little chalk board, and all those things.  It was early.  He was grumpy.  So this is the best I could get:


When we got in the car, I asked if he wanted me to take a video.  He said yes, so I did before we pulled out of the driveway.  That was more successful, except for the fact that I burst into tears immediately after I stopped recording.  Then I’m trying to explain to Xander that I’m crying because I’m happy, not because I’m sad.  And how mommies do that sometimes.

I get it.  All moms feel this kind of emotion at some point.  But these little achievements are just. so. epic. for us.  For me.

I was laying on the floor stretching a few weeks ago.  Xander was napping, Tim was working, and the house was quiet.  I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular or festering or worrying or anything at that moment.  But I felt an incredibly overwhelming wash of calmness sweep over me, and a little voice inside my head or in my ear or in my heart said “Maria, don’t worry.  You are not going anywhere any time soon.”

So I won’t.  Because when things like that happen, I just have to believe it.  I’m still going to pray big, though.  To meet Alexander’s kindergarten teacher; to help him with his homework; to watch him play soccer or march in the band or run a race or sing in a musical or do whatever it is that he chooses to love. I’m going to pray to see that graduation, and when we get there, I will pray for more.

Because God listens.

9 thoughts on “For this day, I have prayed.

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  1. This entry makes me so happy! I believe you heard God talking to you. There is no other way to explain that. God will carry you through this!


  2. Amen! God listens and He is good! You are a faithful servant full of love 🙂 He certainly did speak to you and it is so wonderful that you were quietly listening to Him. Maria – God has wonderful plans for you! That is a lot to smile about!!


  3. I remember crying each time one of you went off to school the first time. What a feeling-your baby is growing up! Smiles and hugs from me, Maria, because God has something special he wants you to do. Lots of love.


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