Just because something is broken or crooked or unexpectedly different doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful.

Take our Christmas tree, for example.  We picked the most crooked-trunked tree EVER this year, so no matter what we do, it is LEANING.  And the thing is already brown.  But you know what?  Add some chili pepper lights and an assortment of sentimental ornaments and BAM! Beautiful.  (Or at least acceptable.)

I just finished the book Wonder.  Another great example.  Read this book if you haven’t – it is beautiful.

Alexander had his first Christmas concert at preschool last week.  He was the kid who refused to sing and participate.   I still videotaped it, and congratulated him for standing up there with everyone.  And was it beautiful?  Of course!  I was there to see my baby and cheer him on.

My life might look pretty broken from the outside.  It definitely has had some unexpected plot twists.  But there is still beauty all around me.  The cancer somehow makes it shine brighter.  Huh.  Never thought I would be saying that.  I remind myself all the time that I am a walking, breathing miracle; I am always thinking of ways to appreciate and enjoy and live in the beauty that surrounds me.  It might be broken.  It might be crooked.  But it is mine, and I’m here to breathe it in.


3 thoughts on “Beauty

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to look for the beauty around us. Often times it’s easy to miss it when you’re focused on the brokenness, crookedness, or unexpected because life rarely goes as planned. Love you!


  2. So very true! Anything can be beautiful. We are all crooked in some way, yet we have such hidden beauty as well. You have that inside and out. You are surrounded by the beauty of friends and family; you are surrounded by the beauty of life. Live it up! Merry Christmas!


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