The current situation

About an hour ago, Alexander passed out on the couch.  One minute, he’s talking my ear off as we watch The Jungle Book; the next minute I look at him and he’s conked out.  He’s had a cold all week, and Tim is working 2nd shift, so I didn’t push a nap today.  SWEET!  I thought….early bed means I can get some reports done, maybe blog, work on my calendar, etc. etc. etc., all the little details that are impossible to do when Xander is awake.  So I put Xander in bed, fill the humidifier, and realize the towel under it is already soaked.  And THEN I realize that SO IS EVERYTHING ELSE.  What the heck happened?  All over the floor.  Underneath his bed.  ALL OVER HIS BOOKS.  Like puddles.  So I’m searching for what could possibly be leaking – turns out to be part of the humidifier, but this is the current situation:


DOZENS of books, wet to varying degrees, strewn across our living room in front of the fire place, hoping to dry out.  Really, life??  I feel like every time I even THINK I might get a break, some ridiculous unfortunate event pops up.  I could cry.

But I’m not going to, because why cry over spilt milk?  (or spilt water, in this case.)

ANYwayyyy.  I really am not allowed to cry about such trivial things, because the other current situation is that my scan (from December 28th) was “mostly” stable.  So!  Definitely not crying (even though, as I ATTEMPT to write this, Alexander keeps CRYING for ridiculous reasons.  Yep.  He’s not sleeping anymore).

Ok, I’m back.  For now???  So, December’s scan.  All the spots are still there, but nothing new.  No new locations.  The nodules in my lungs – report says some are a little bigger, some are a little smaller, but none are larger than 5 millimeters.  The “dead” liver tumors – they are measuring differently, but not necessarily larger.  Something like 3.1 cm x 4.6, which used to be 3.0 x 4.8.

Dr. Joshi says that’s pretty much stable.  She was not the slightest bit worried (which makes me less worried).  Honestly, I just wonder if maybe a student read the report, and measured things slightly differently, or something like that.

But hey! Stable is stable, right?  And my blood work looks good, and I feel good!  I do have the hand-foot syndrome, but that seems to be better this cycle, too.  We have adjusted meds a bit, and I’m hoping that will do the trick.  Other than that, maybe a little fatigue?  But no other side effects!

I’ve calmed down since the beginning of this post.  I also had tons of ideas for this blog, all of which I can no longer remember.  So we’ll just stick with the current situation: stable.




3 thoughts on “The current situation

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  1. Look at the water spill in a positive way. I took your mind away from the C word if even for just a few minutes. You could have given Xander swimming lessons too!


  2. As usual, your beautifully optomistic but also realistic view of the situation brings me happiness and hope. We had a similar book situation recently and we actually lost some of the books Rod and I have loved and coveted with every ounce of our beings for decades. But it was a good lesson about material things and then we moved on to the next disaster (because let’s be honest, there is always a next disaster). Sometimes I wonder at what point life got so complicated and when “adulting” really kicked in becuase once it started, that shit does NOT let up. Anyway, I love you and miss you and hope you remain fabulous in the face of life’s conplicated disasters.


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