I’m sitting here, post chemo-disconnect, pondering the last couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago, I felt like crap – thanks to Lynparza – and was a ball of anxiety with the thought of yet another treatment decision.  One week ago, I was laughing and playing and enjoying some precious moments with my family and friends in the Outer Banks.  And today, I wrapped up another round of chemo.  It was neither great nor horrible.

Life is weird.

I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately.  I’ve never had a huge family, and yet I’ve always longed for one.  I sometimes get jealous of big families, of my friends having babies that I can never have, of people getting together for extended-family parties and vacations and fun.

But honestly, I have no reason to feel that way.  This sweet little family I have is perfectly imperfect.


And my extended family – not necessarily always blood-related – is more than I could have ever asked for.  Last week, my heart and mind and body was rejuvinated by conversations with good friends, laughter, yoga, sunshine, and yummy food.  What would I ever do without all of you??  And I love love love that we are raising our babies together.  And coming home from vacation to an entourage of help from my mom and others – gah.  My heart is full.

Also, my “family” has already filled up chemo buddy slots through August.  So, guys – thanks.  Thanks for lightening up this load I carry.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it a million times more – I would be nothing without you.

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  1. Family comes in all forms. Blood relatives are not always the closest. You have a great family in true family and friends family. So many people don’t have that. Hang onto that. Let them fill your life and heart with warmth and happiness.


  2. Family isn’t always blood. It comes in all shapes, colors and personalities. It’s young, middle age and in my case older but we all love you, Maria. How about lunch soon and let me fill up one of your chemo slots in September! Just give me a date and time for lunch and chemo!



  3. Desde el otro lado del Océano tu otra familia, la de España, va a estar siempre a tu lado: apoyandote, queriendote y mandandote todo el amor posible. Eres una mujer luchadora y muy fuerte, y puedes con todo. Esta batalla la vas a ganar. Muchisimos besos españoles


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