437 = the number of mouth sores I had a month ago.  (Exaggeration.  I have no idea how many.  I just know that the number SUCKED.)

2 = the number of mouth sores I had two weeks ago.

0 = the number of mouth sores I currently have (2 days post-treatment).  Hallelujah.  I don’t know what’s working, but I’m going to continue ALLLLL of it.  I’ve been swishing carafate (a prescription liquid for stomach ulcers) proactively and I found a glucosamine-based powder that I mix with water and swish and drink.  Also, we knocked one of my chemos down to 80%.  And I’ve been sucking on ice during the two-hour infusion of the “hard” chemo.

40 = the increase of cancer markers in my blood from January to June.  Not cool.

1 = cancer marker DECREASE!  One point, but I’ll take it.  It’s the first in the right direction in the last 6 months.

4 = the age of Alexander as of today.  I could write a zillion things about this, but you guys get it.  We didn’t know if I’d see his first birthday, and here we are.  Alexander is smart and chatty, but definitely on his own terms.  He doesn’t like to participate in front of groups of people and doesn’t like to be singled out.  He is silly and adventurous.  He would much rather play than eat dinner.  He has two volumes:  loud, or silent.  He tries to delay bed time and sings nonsense songs in the car.  He still loves his taggies.  And he saves my life every day.


Infinity = the measure of my gratefulness for and contentment with today.



7 thoughts on “Numbers

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  1. So glad your sores are gone and you can celebrate the cancer marker that went down. Praying some more will follow! And, happy birthday to Alexander!


  2. So happy that there were some solutions to your discomfort and that that number went down, even if only a point. Praying it keeps going waaayyyyy down and that you continue to feel better. And a very happy Birthday to Alexander! 🎉🎉🎉


  3. Love this Maria, with the exception of the numbers that were going on the wrong direction. But the number I particularly like is 4, and all that went with it! 😀

    I miss my IU pals and will particularly miss the times I got to help out in your class.

    Prayers and warm thoughts and wishes for favorable numbers, particularly “5”!


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