Busy September!

WHEW!  Why is it already September?!?

Ok, so this month is crazy.  It’s gonna be nuts.  But I hope in all of the wonderful ways imaginable.

We just wrapped up a weekend of family fun – every Labor Day weekend, Grammies and Kathy come visit.  We generally round up the rest of Tim’s family and eat and talk and laugh the days away.  I love this yearly bout of fun!


Next week (September 10-11-12), Tim and I are headed to see Dr. Kasi in Florida again.  It has been a little crazy organizing things, but it is happening.  Tim found super cheap flights to get to Florida, and an organization called PALS is covering our flight home.  The American Cancer Society hooked us up with a super discounted hotel fee.  And our neighbor works for Enterprise, so she can get us a deal on a rental car.  Xander starts school that same week, but Tim’s brother Thomas is going to be staying with us and helping out a few days a week, starting next week…so between him and the Grandmas, I hope all that is covered.  I hate being away for his first day, but we have to do these appointments.  Dr. Kasi has me scheduled for an abdominal/pelvic MRI, blood work, an appointment with him, and appointment with a research team, AND a biopsy.  All in the course of two days.  Dude knows how to get things done.

And THEN…on September 29, we are having another big fundraiser at Benigna’s Creek Winery.  This year’s is called “Be Well at Benigna’s”.  They are so kind to help us out, and we have over 10 vendors participating…I hope it is as fun and successful as last year!!  Here’s the flyer!  Designed by Kristen Good, my amazing creative friend!

BE_WELL_2018-01 (1)

I hope to see a bunch of you readers there!  But if you can’t make it (apparently Penn State decided to schedule a game on the same day…I mean, can you even imagine??), I’m going to post a handful of links that you can use to support our efforts.  Earnings from the fundraiser will help with:

  1. Travel, food, housing, etc. – you know, travel-related costs as we continue to see this doctor in Florida (and for any other specialists I see at NIH, Fox Chase, etc.)
  2. Supplements and treatments not covered by insurance (that might include the chiropractor, my holistic “witch doctor”, wellness massages, etc.)
  3. Continuing to raise money for First Descents, which is a program that benefits young people with cancer.

This link will take you to a Go Fund Me that some friends of mine created to support the winery event (thanks, league of amazing ladies).

Here’s the link for my First Descents page.  Donations will go directly to them, but it benefits me, too.  The more I raise, the more potential life-changing adventures I can go on!  (For example, I’m headed to Costa Rica in November!!!)

And here are some links for vendor shopping!  Some great women who sell great products are holding mini-fundraisers for us if they can’t vend at the actual event.

Erin Roller and her 31 bags!  and Kathy Ferster and Lemon Grass Spa products!

So!  Mark your calendars.  (and we still technically need a DJ if you have any leads or just want to volunteer yourself. haha)


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  1. I live in Tower City and I have a neighbor living down stairs who is a DJ. His name is Dennis Watkins. He’s on Facebook and goes by DJ Chub. His email is tbedjchub@gmail.com and his phone # is 570-640-9654. I hope this helps u out. ☺


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