Cancerversary. And updates.

In five days, I will celebrate my 4th cancerversary.  So good job, me.

Also, I have been MIA for a lot of reasons, and I figured everyone deserved some kind of update.

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened:  Florida, liver biopsy, abdominal/pelvic MRI, CT scan, back MRI, breast ultrasound, a trip to NIH…and a wonderfully well-attended, successful fundraiser at Benigna’s.

I’m going to try to summarize things.  Liver biopsy was done mostly to get some cellular information for some studies at the Mayo Clinic – it was an uncomfortable procedure, and most of the tissue they got was necrotic.  Good and bad, I guess.  Pelvic MRI showed no change in liver tumors as compared with previous CT and PET scans, so that’s good.  Breast ultrasound was normal.  CT scan showed small growth in lung nodules again.  And the back MRI showed a weird 6mm spot in a muscle that connects my spine to my butt – but no one is sure what that is at this point.

Results of the CT were followed by a bunch of phone calls and emails to and from Dr. Joshi at Hershey, Dr. Kasi in Jacksonville, Dr. El Deiry at Fox Chase, and NIH.  And me.

After lots of discussion and decision-making, the plan is to combine a PARP inhibitor (Lynparza – that jerk of a pill that made me feel crappy in the spring…but a lower dose) combined with an immunotherapy infusion that I will get once a month.

I’ve been off chemo for a few weeks while all those drugs are getting approved and what-not…it has been nice to not worry about chemo every two weeks, but honestly, really scary to think of all that could happen during that time without treatment.  I’ve been having some pain, kind of all summer, that I thought was partially fatigue…and the pain (in my back and abdomen) has been increasingly annoying.  So needless to say, I’m anxious.  I’m trying some digestive meds over the weekend to see if they help (because the pain meds could be slowing down my digestion and making everything uncomfortable), and calling the doc on Monday with an update.

I’m supposed to start this new treatment plan next week…what a wonderful way to celebrate my cancerversary! ha.

On a great note, our fundraiser at Benigna’s was fabulous.  Thanks to all of you who were able to come or support us in any way!  xoxo!


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  1. Always appreciate your updates Maria. Four years is quite the battle, I’m thinking it is time for the cancer to realize who it is up against and just give up and go away for good! Continued prayers and positive thoughts coming your way.


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