A super specific prayer.

Ok guys.  God sends me weird signs all the time.  Weird?  Maybe not that weird.  Unexpected?  Yes.

This is what I would call a long shot and I might be missing something….and I can fill you all in later…

But pray that, when I was first diagnosed, they forgot to do a test to see if I am MSI-high or MSS.  And pray that I am MSI-high.  OK?

I know a lot of people read this, and this is the easiest way for me to reach everyone.  I believe in the power of prayer.  Believe with me!


EDIT: ok, so I am not MSI high.  It would have been cool because that’s the magical kind of colon cancer that we know responds well to immunotherapy.

On a good note: looks like we got through to insurance (it has been a frustrating week, to say the least) and I should be starting immunotherapy regardless, hopefully tomorrow. I’m taking a lower dose of the Parp inhibitor lynparza (remember that jerk?) and so far, pretty good. Crossing my fingers that the addition of the immunotherapy will double the benefits of that Parp inhibitor!

13 thoughts on “A super specific prayer.

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  1. You ask so little, but do so much for others. You are always in my daily prayers, but I’ll double down on this. God bless!!!


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