Clear as mud

Ok, peeps.  A quick update because I’m motived and thinking about it.

  1. I had a scan.  Scan was good.  Stable plus a little lymph node shrinkage (yay).
  2. But I’m still pretty miserable – pain, fatigue…the chemo has been really really REALLY hard on me.  My body is just beyond exhausted.
  3. Went to the University of Maryland yesterday to meet with another doc, but nothing new to really discuss.  Unfortunately.
  4. I decided to take a chemo break.  We are headed to the beach in a couple of weeks.  I want to feel as OK as possible on this trip, so I decided no chemo tomorrow.  So say some extra prayers that my energy increases, my pain decreases, and I get some really really good days in the net couple of weeks.

I’m tired, so I’m done writing for now.  Love you.

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