Now seriously, off to bed.

I’m in the hospital, in case you didn’t know.  I showed up in the ER Thursday night because bloodwork showed high bilirubin. My eyes being yellow and spontaneous throwing up were the catalysts that got me to the docs for fluids and bloodwork on Thursday, anyway.

This blog is going to be more “matter of fact” just because of time and energy.

I’ve had two CT scans, both showing progression in liver and lungs.  We figured, since my tumor markers have been  increasing. The liver business indicates  that there could be a blockage (or some blockages) in my liver, so the plan is to stent the liver to hopefully relieve some pressure and release some of that bilirubin that isn’t draining.

We don’t know what time the procedure will be, nor how many days I will need to recover.

I have been resting a lot.  Emily and Tiffany have worked their magic and I have had buddies with me at the hospital ever since we arrived at the ER on Thursday night. This has meant the world to me.  I don’t feel alone.  I even had a spa treatment today (friends washed my hair and painted my nails!).

And now, off to bed.







4 thoughts on “Now seriously, off to bed.

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  1. Hi Maria! Iam Sonsoles we met each other in Villalba when you worked as assistant. I don’t know if you remember me but but I do, when we run together. You are brave and strong , I wish you the best, take care! All support from Spain!


  2. Always praying for you! I’m so glad you have a great support group to be with you so you aren’t alone. But know you are never alone because God is with you and many are always sending love, prayers, and support your way. Love you, Itch!!


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