Hospital update

Hi friends.  I am still in the hospital, but there is “talk” about going home.

I had my procedure on Monday.  It went well.  They were able to find a blockage and place a stent into my liver, and bile started to drain right away.  They did something else while they were in there, too, that has to do with draining liver fluids into my small intestine.  That went well, too.  A few days ago my bilirubin was 8 and now it is 3.  This is good!

So now we have to get my pain under control.  I am currently on a pain pump and getting quite a lot of medicine.  Today we are going to work on switching over to pills so I can go home.  (Because I’m not likely going to walk out of here with an IV full of pain meds. Although we did accidentally sneak outside on Sunday. Shh.)

Yesterday morning I felt pretty good – went for a couple of walks in the hallway, and used my pain meds much less frequently.  Buuuuuutttttt I had some bowel movements in the afternoon that apparently stirred things up, because pain was bad again.  This morning I am ok.

I am worried about a couple of things.  1) my belly is distended.  This could be partly due to the procedure, but it started to distend over the weekend, which was before the stent was placed. Docs have looked at it and one thinks it is mostly air.  Others think it has to do with the procedure.  I worry because my belly looked like this when I was diagnosed.  2) my appetite.  I just am struggling with eating.  I’m trying to do things like carnation instant breakfast and what I like to call “sugar boxes” aka stuff like ensure and boost.  But I would love to eat normally.  Docs tell me to take it easy and eat small amounts, etc. etc.  I know the drill. I still worry  because I am so skinny.

Friends and family have been with me 24/7, and  this makes me a better me.  It keeps me distracted and gives me the opportunity just to catch up with people.  Thank you so, so, so much to Em and Tif for organizing  everything, and to everyone who has visited.  I love you.

Please don’t be offended if you text me and I do not respond.  I’m overwhelmed.  So many people text and ask and I just can’t keep up.  So please, read my blogs or ask Tim.  Again, I love you.


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  1. Ty for the update. I’m glad u got some good news and u may be going home. You have one heck of a support system there! 💗 I wish everyone has the live and the support u do. Good luck! You’re in my prayers.


  2. Maria, you know everyone is wishing you well and praying for you, even people you don’t know. It’s good to hear some good news, and hoping you will get more really soon!!! 😇😊


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